26 June 2017

Special issue published: "Smart Energy Grids: Part 2"

International Journal of Process Systems Engineering 4(2/3) 2017.
  • Status and opportunity for distributed energy resources and microgrids in meeting the New York State energy vision 
  • Supervisory control of a resilient DC microgrid for commercial buildings 
  • Fuzzy logic-based charging strategy for electric vehicles plugged into a smart grid 
  • Analysis of non-sinusoidal wave generation during electric vehicle charging and their impacts on the power system   
  • Analysis of elevator drives energy consumptions with permanent magnet machines

Additional papers
  • Effect of treatment temperature on microstructure and properties of nickel-zirconia anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells
  • Energy management strategy for AC/DC microgrid 
  • Design of an energy management system for research institutes and organisations in Iran

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