14 June 2017

Special issue published: "Developments in Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage"

International Journal of Global Warming 12(2) 2017.
  • Upgrading the integration of supercritical coal-fired power plant with post-combustion CO2 capture process through process simulation 
  • The influence of carbon capture and compression unit on the characteristics of ultramodern combined cycle power plant 
  • Analysis of efficiency of 'zero-emission' oxy-type ultra-supercritical power unit based on high-temperature membranes 
  • Process simulation and energy consumption for CO2 capture with different flowsheets 
  • Supercritical drying: a promising technique on synthesis of sorbent for CO2 capture 
  • Improving water-alternating-CO2 flooding of heterogeneous, low permeability oil reservoirs using ensemble optimisation algorithm 
  • Analysis of the impact of CO2 content on the physical properties of the liquid phase mixtures in oil production wells 
  • Implementing carbon capture, utilisation and storage in the circular economy

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