23 June 2017

Call for papers: "The Information, Innovation and Value Chain Nexus: Methods and Policy Analysis"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems.

This special issue aims to present research that elaborates on the links between information, innovation and sustainable value chains.
Recently developed computational tools based on graph-theoretic and network analyses promise the characterisation of complex interactions in networks and systems with a view to designing policy interventions for better performing value chains. Over the past 15 years or so, research into innovation and information systems has substantially increased with little effort to analyse their links to value chains. A major setback in this regard has been basing the analysis on loosely defined innovation systems, thus hindering the characterisation of channels that underpin the development of sustainable value chains. Therefore, this special issue aims to generate new knowledge on the links/interactions between innovation, information and value chains.
The scope of this issue is three-fold: (1) developing conceptual, actor-based and/or functional innovation systems and their linkages to value chains, (2) representing them as models that allow quantitative analysis of innovation policy interventions and value chain performance, and (3) illustrating application using concepts and tools from graph theory, network analysis, etc.
The gap in the literature (i.e. the lack of sufficient quantitative and impact analysis of innovation policy interventions) should be addressed with consideration of the “triple or quadruple helix innovation system” – that is, science, industry, government and civil society. Technological and social innovations need to be embedded within a unified perspective that helps to illuminate the role of social processes in innovations and better performing value chains.
Suitable topics include, but are not limited, to the following:
  • Conceptual modelling and benchmarking of sectoral innovation systems (i.e. structure, conduct, performance); systems analysis (control, functions, processes) using concepts and tools from graph theory, network analysis, etc.; counter-factual scenario analysis of alternative innovation policy interventions
  • Conceptual modelling and benchmarking of sectoral value chain systems (incorporating sectoral value chains, information and innovation systems); designing new business processes within the sectoral value chain; counter-factual scenario analysis of alternative sectoral policy interventions
  • Triple and/or quadruple helix innovation systems; interactions of social and technological innovations with sectoral value chains; civil society engagement in innovation processes; role of socially embedded relationships (e.g. cooperation, collaboration, networking) in innovation system and sectoral value chain performance
  • Macro and sectoral policies, institutions/governance structures, social processes and market conditions influencing sectoral innovation systems and sectoral value chains
  • Impact analysis: (semi)quantitative measurement of the economic, social and environmental impact of innovation policy interventions, social innovations and new business processes within the sectoral value chain system, and its implications for sustainable development
Important Dates
Manuscripts due by: 31 January, 2018
Notification to authors: 30 April, 2018
Final versions due: 30 June, 2018

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