22 June 2016

Special issue: 3rd International DNTAC Symposium on Nano Technology

International Journal of Nanotechnology 13(4/5/6) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the 3rd International DNTAC Symposium on Nano Technology.
  • Preparation and characterisation of field-responsive nanofibres by coaxial electrospinning
  • Strengthening of borosilicate glass by ion exchange for advanced ballistic impact behaviour
  • Effect of Co addition on deformation-induced martensitic transformation in Cu-Zr alloy
  • Design method for compensating lateral beam shift of ground-plane cloak
  • Broadband polarisation-independent metamaterial based on modified ELC structure
  • Design of a wideband polarisation-independent metamaterial with arbitrary relative permittivity based on the dielectric mixing theory
  • Synthesis and characterisation of poly(3-hexyl thiophene)-grafted graphene oxide sheets by click chemistry
  • Increase in the corrosion resistance of stainless steel bipolar plates by the formation of thermally-induced Cr-nitride
  • Effect of processing parameters on photovoltaic properties of Sb2S3 quantum dot-sensitised inorganic-organic heterojunction solar cells
  • Enhancing Bi2S3 sensitised mesoporous TiO2 solar cells by co-sensitisation with Bi2S3/CdS quantum dots
  • Enhanced electron lifetime in dye-sensitised solar cells via suppression of electron-hole recombination
  • High performance thermal conduction of silver microparticles thermos-compressed in three-dimensionally interconnected polystyrene beads
  • Effect of doping level on high-temperature operation of InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectors
  • Suppression of surface leakage current in InSb photodiode by ZnS passivation
  • Immunoassays based on Pt nanoparticles with peroxidase activity
  • Identification of diagnostic biomarkers for early detection of anthrax from human aortic endothelial cells
  • Effect of salt removal and heat-pressing treatments on mechanical properties of electrospun meta-aramid nanofibres
  • The effects of conducting pathways to ground on the growth of carbon nanotubes on carbon fibre substrates
  • Effect of thermal treatment on the textural properties and thermal stability of surface modified zirconia aerogel powders
  • Effect of Pt doping in mesoporous TiO2 thin films on their electrical property

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