1 February 2016

Special issue published: "Influence of Scenario Planning on Organisational Competitiveness"

International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy 10(2/3/4) 2015
  • Scenario planning: 'ways of knowing', methodologies and shifting conceptual landscape
  • Applying actor network theory and pragmatist thinking to the process of implementing scenarios
  • Creating scenarios or creating and sustaining social worlds? Towards new sociological understandings of the use and impacts of scenario planning
  • Integration of roadmapping and scenario planning for implementing science, technology and innovation strategic priorities - the case of Russia
  • Foresight capabilities and SME product/service adaptiveness: the moderating effect of industry dynamism
  • Scenario planning in social enterprises; the case of South Yorkshire
Additional paper
  • Business failure research: a review of the Chinese experience

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