16 February 2016

Special issue published: "Cloud-Based Service Computing"

International Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking 9(1/2) 2016
  • Study on extension negative selection algorithm
  • Petri nets-based method to model and analyse the self-healing web service composition
  • Cocktail: a service-oriented cloud storage architecture for enhancing service quality
  • OCReM: OpenStack-based cloud datacentre resource monitoring and management scheme
  • Fast circulant block Jacket transform based on the Pauli matrices
  • A new method of QoS prediction based on probabilistic latent feature analysis and cloud similarity
  • Cloud platform scheduling strategy based on virtual machine resource behaviour analysis
  • A dynamic cloud service selection strategy using adaptive learning agents
  • Transformation from business process models to BPEL with overlapped patterns involved
  • Artefact-centric business process configuration
  • MT4WS: an automated metamorphic testing system for web services
  • Two-stage dynamic optimisation of service processes with temporal constraints
  • The study of multi-instance purchase decision-making for minimising customers' cost under fluctuating cloud demands
  • Probabilistic-based workload forecasting and service redeployment for multi-tenant services
  • A Bayesian approach to performance modelling for multi-tenant applications using Gaussian models
  • Transferring auxiliary knowledge to enhance heterogeneous web service clustering

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