4 February 2016

Special issue published: "Advanced Intelligent Systems and Mechatronics"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 53(2) 2016

Extended versions of papers presented at the 5th International Forum of Systems and Mechatronics (IFSM2013).
  • Load sharing characteristics of multi-stage planetary gear train using analytical and finite element model
  • Simulation study on the eccentricity of floater in liquid floated gyroscope
  • A model-based study on the mechanical behaviour of hemispherical soft fingertip
  • Predicting the effects of cutting fluid on machining force, temperature and residual stress using analytical method
  • Registration technique for spatial curves based on multi-view reconstruction
  • A jerk-constrained asymmetric motion profile for high-speed motion stages to reduce residual vibration
  • Solving flexible job shop scheduling using an effective memetic algorithm
  • Research on ASP-based pipe routing assessment and diagnosis approach
  • Integrated design and analysis system for feed drive system of CNC machine tools
  • Realisation of robot ink deposition on a curved surface
  • Interpretation-oriented information interface for manufacturing enterprises
  • Study of the ionic conductivity of a gelatin-NaCl electrolyte
  • The reconfigurable machinery efficient workspace analysis based on the twist angles

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