29 December 2015

Special issue published: "Recent Advances in Signal and Image Processing"

International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics 6(1/2) 2016
  • Two approaches-based L2-SVMs reduced to MEB problems for dialect identification
  • Towards a distributed and parallel schema for active appearance model implementation
  • Frame differencing-based segmentation for low bit rate video codec using H.264
  • RVM-based human action classification through Gabor and Haar feature extraction
  • Using ROI with ISOM compression to medical image
  • Genetic algorithms-based dominant feature selection for face detection application
  • Automatic number plate recognition system by character position method
  • Automatic continuous speech recogniser for Dravidian languages using the auto associative neural network
  • Multiobjective genetic algorithm-based adaptive wavelet design
  • Image denoising based on adaptive spatial segmentation and multi-scale correlation in directionlet domain
  • Shape descriptors-based generalised scheme for handwritten character recognition
  • Robust audio watermarking based on multi-carrier modulation

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