31 December 2015

Special issue published: "Precision in Machining and Finishing Processes"

International Journal of Precision Technology 5(3/4) 2015

Extended versions of papers presented at AIMTDR-2014.
  • Effect of continuous and pulse DC on processing time, electrolyte composition and electrolyte concentration of electrochemical honing
  • Characterisation and performance evaluation of developed alternative polymer abrasive gels for abrasive flow finishing process
  • Microstructural investigation and multi response optimisation using Fuzzy-TOPSIS during the electrochemical machining of Inconel 825
  • Optimum selection of machining parameters in ball end magnetorheological finishing process
  • Preliminary investigations into finishing of artificial dental crown
  • Experimental investigations of chemo-ultrasonic assisted magnetic abrasive finishing process
  • Sizing and finishing of non-circular internal bores using elasto-abrasives
  • Empirical modelling and parametric optimisation of surface roughness of silicon carbide advanced ceramics in surface grinding
  • Parametric analysis and optimisation on abrasive water jet cutting of silicon nitride ceramics
  • Studies on surface integrity and its optimisation in turning Ti-6Al-4V

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