17 December 2015

Special issue published: "Advances in Computation Modelling"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 52(4) 2015
  • Sound absorption properties of a low-density perforated date palm fibres panel
  • The effects of using learning-aided cues in an augmented reality environment for a multi-body mechanism
  • A simplified model of a reinforced square hollow section T-joint for stress evaluation in bus superstructures
  • HTML table wrapper based on table components
  • Effect of reflow soldering profile on intermetallic compound formation
  • Application of robotics in medical fields: rehabilitation and surgery
Additional papers
  • A Landau theory of ferroelectric nanoribbons
  • Utilising the pipeline framework and state-based non-linear Gauss-Seidel for large satellite image denoising based on CPU-GPU cores
  • Research on double-array-trie tree-based lexicon and its application on micro-blog content analysing
  • Heart arrhythmia classification using the prediction by partial matching algorithm
  • A hybrid approach for software cost estimation using polynomial neural networks and intuitionistic fuzzy sets

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