13 August 2015

Special issue published: "Recent Developments in Active and Semi-Active Suspension System Design for Vehicular Applications"

International Journal of Vehicle Design 68(1/2/3) 2015
  • Constrained robust adaptive control for vehicle active suspension systems
  • Fault-tolerant control of active suspensions in in-wheel motor driven electric vehicles
  • Full-car active suspension based on H2/generalised H2 output feedback control
  • Fuzzy logic torque control system in four-wheel-drive electric vehicles for active damping vibration control
  • Study on a novel dual-mode interconnected suspension
  • Horizontal vibration reduction of a seat suspension using negative changing stiffness magnetorheological elastomer isolators
  • Load-dependent LPV/H2 output-feedback control of semi-active suspension systems equipped with MR damper
  • Study of semi-active suspension control strategy based on driving behaviour characteristics
  • Load-dependent observer design for active suspension systems
  • The optimisation of a proportional solenoid valve design for heavy vehicle active suspension system
  • Research on recycling vibration energy of shock absorber
Additional paper
  • Real-time vehicle parameter estimation and equivalent moment electronic stability control

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