8 August 2015

Special issue published: "Environmental Justice and Sustainability"

Interdisciplinary Environmental Review 16(2/3/4)

Extended versions of papers presented at the Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons conference.
  • Sk8ting the sinking city
  • Gentrified sustainability: inequitable development and Seattle's skewed riskscape
  • Bridging the interdisciplinary divide: co-advancing the pedagogy of environmental justice through a digital commons initiative
  • The waters of consumptive sustainability
  • Eating as a Christian act of hope
  • Imagining the hydrogen future of 2050
  • New possibilities for sustainability, environmental justice and hope for the commons will soar when Congress acts to create the US Department of the Environment
  • The role of risk perception in building sustainable policy instruments: a case study of public coastal flood insurance in the USA
  • Multi-sensory experience and environmental encounter: rethinking the sustainability of humanities education
  • Environmental education in prison: a comparison of teaching methods and their influence on inmate attitudes and knowledge of environmental topics
  • Sustainability at the forefront: educating students through complex challenges in visual communication and design
  • Higher education residential life peer-education programs: facilitating more inclusive perspectives

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