13 January 2015

Special issue published: "Various Investigations on Dielectric Materials"

International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation 5(4) 2014

Extended versions of papers presented at the Fourth International Meeting on Dielectric Materials (IMDM’4).
  • Possible behaviours of TE modes in a left-handed slab waveguide
  • Electrical characterisation of Schottky diodes based on SiC with different contact surfaces
  • Electrical behaviour and analytical modelling of I-V and C-V characteristics of Schottky barrier diode based on nitrided InP(100)
  • Dielectric relaxation kinetics at higher temperature mode in cellulose
  • Experimental study of opening arcs in air of AgNi contacts
  • Ferroelectric thin films working at microwave frequency for reconfigurable devices on silicon Simulating electromagnetic field inside cavities charged with dielectric materials

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