3 January 2015

Special issue published: "Research Trends in Automotive Engineering"

International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing 9(3/4) 2014
  • Performance assessment of aluminium composite material for automotive brake rotor
  • Full state feedback controller design for active engine mounting system using PID, pole placement and LQR
  • Modelling and simulation for hybrid bus development
  • Improving side impact protection by space frame doors
  • Analytical model of diesel engines exhaust NOx emission rate
  • Skin friction impacts on fuel consumption
  • Active suspension control of vehicle with uncertainties using robust controllers
  • Study on the effect of window opening on the drag characteristics of a car
  • Design and investigation of a fuel cell car prototype
  • Determining small diameter propeller efficiency through wind tunnel test
  • Validation of pedestrian impactor testing upon hybrid vehicle front end profile
  • Assessment of crashworthiness of the frontal part of a local car model
  • Fatigue time history analysis for determining the strain signal behaviour
  • Optimisation and control of semi-active suspension using genetic algorithm for off-road full vehicle

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