8 January 2015

Special issue published: "Challenges and Advances in Management and Production Engineering"

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 28(4/5/6) 2014
  • Creation and evaluation of software teams - a social approach
  • Objective-based multiple attribute decision-making method for plastic manufacturing process selection
  • Review and outlook of work breakdown structure for complex product manufacturing 
  • Learning rate of gradient descent multi-dividing ontology algorithm
  • A combination of data analytic and compensatory methodology for material selection in sugar manufacturing industry
  • IEQMS model: a leveraging mechanism to polarise quality in engineering educational institutions - an empirical study
  • Recruitment, selection, training and performance evaluation at the Portuguese Public Safety Police - repercussions on work satisfaction, motivation and performance
  • Management of remanufacturing - strategic challenges from intellectual property rights 
  • A profile shaft connection technique and its applications in transmission structure
  • Partner selection in a manufacturing virtual enterprise based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets
  • Energy consumption in relation with buffer design during the pre-build stages of manufacturing system 

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