6 January 2015

Special issue published: "Performance Impacts of Policies and Reforms"

International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies 7(4) 2014

Extended versions of papers presented at the 2013 SIBR-Thammasat Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economic Research.
  • Revamping regional rural banks through Odisha Gramin Bank: a study
  • Intensity response of Thai public hospitals to payment system change
  • Determinants of individual Muslim behaviour in accomplishing Zakah, Infaq, Shadaqah and WAqf through amil institution
  • Intellectual property rights and productivity growth from technology spillover in Thailand: a system dynamics approach
  • Technical efficiency and export performance: evidence for self-selection hypothesis from Indonesian manufacturing sector-level data
  • Socio-economic impact of MGNREGA in Tamil Nadu, India
  • The current assessment of foreign direct investment in the Middle East and North African region

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