27 January 2015

Special issue published: "Medical Signal and Image Processing"

International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering 8(1/2) 2015
  • Paradoxical sleep stages detection using somnographic EOG signal for obese and no-obese patients
  • Automatic classification of slow-wave sleep and REM-sleep stages using somnographic ECG signal: some preliminary results for obese and no-obese patients
  • Robust mass classification-based local binary pattern variance and shape descriptors
  • Different approaches of analysing EEG signals for seizure detection
  • Decision tree classifiers for mass classification
  • Tamper detection of electrocardiographic signal using watermarked bio-hash code in wireless cardiology
  • A variant approach for human forensic identification using dental radiographs with skeleton and contour
  • Beat detection algorithm for ECG and arterial blood pressure waveforms using empirical mode decomposition: a unified approach
  • Prediction of game performance in Australian football using heart rate variability measures
Additional papers
  • An extensive research on robust digital image watermarking techniques: a review
  • Design and optimisation of a zeroth order resonant antenna along with experimental verification for wireless applications
  • A novel steganography technique by mapping words with LSB array
  • Three-stage hybrid system for speech signal enhancement

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