12 January 2015

Call for papers: "Digital Human Crowd Modelling and Simulation"

For a special issue of the International Journal of the Digital Human.

Digital human crowd modelling, in particular crowd dynamics modelling, is important to both be aware of and be well versed in, in many different applications: e.g., architectural design, civil planning and event management. The general principles and theory can be used, for example, to efficiently use and control spaces and traffic flow during both normal and emergency situations. Furthermore, they can also be used to reduce injuries and loss of life, due to unforeseen circumstances.

The goal of this special issue is to present a comprehensive multi-disciplinary view of digital human crowd modelling and simulation, in particular human behaviour and human interaction modelling and simulation. The emphasis of the issue is on high quality modelling and simulation, for different applications, which presents many algorithmic and technical challenges. Manuscripts should contain appropriate and interesting theoretical, experimental, and application self-views and comparative-views of novel digital human crowd models, with associated simulations.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Empirical analyses of crowd dynamics situations
  • Modelling and simulation of crowd transportation and evacuation situations
  • Crowd behaviours, as complex systems
  • Collective behaviours and individualities
  • Inter-agent communication methods
  • Emotional and personality modelling and simulation
  • Facility design for crowd management situations

Important Dates
Submission of manuscripts: 1 November, 2015

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