28 April 2014

Special issue published: "Future Trends in Security Issues in Internet and Web Applications"

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 9(4) 2014
  • A formal framework to support dynamic authorisation in collaborative environments 
  • DDoS protection as a service: hiding behind the giants 
  • Independent verification of proxy multi-signature scheme 
  • Hybrid certificate closure-chain discovery public key system 
  • A taxonomy-based model of security and privacy in online social networks 
  • A lightweight possession proof scheme for outsourced files in mobile cloud computing based on chameleon hash function 
  • Modelling the relationship between trust and privacy in network environments 
  • Secure mobile payment framework based on UICC with formal verification 
  • Robust multichannel colour image watermarking using lifting wavelet transform with singular value decomposition 
  • Lethality of SQL injection against current and future internet technologies

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