23 April 2014

Special issue published: "Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology"

International Journal of Nanotechnology 11(5/6/7/8) 2014

Extended versions of papers presented at the Sixth International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (AMN-6).
  • Effect of a separate heater structure for crystallisation to enable multilevel storage phase-change memory
  • Synthesis of biphasic calcium phosphate powders by a simple hydrolysis process
  • Magneto-resistance study of AFe2As2 (A = Sr, Ba) iron-based compounds
  • Variable-range hopping transport: crossovers from temperature dependence to electric field dependence in disordered carbon materials
  • Thermoluminescence studies of nanoparticle and bulk NaMgF3:Mn
  • Attempts to form the 10-nm-order pitch of self-assembled nanodots using PS-PDMS block copolymer
  • Longitudinally unzipped carbon nanotubes for supercapacitors
  • From nanoscience to nanotechnology: what can and what cannot be manufactured
  • Designing PEDOT-based sensors for antioxidant analysis
  • Electrochemically synthesised polyaniline on marine grade aluminium
  • Redox properties of nanostructured aniline oxidation products formed under different pH conditions
  • Structural and chemical changes during the growth of Fe nanoparticles in SiO2 under low energy ion implantation
  • PEDOT-PSS/MWCNT coatings on PET for conducting polymer actuators
  • NEXAFS study of electron beam irradiated PET
  • Hydrothermal rutile to anatase reverse phase transformation
  • Fluorescence imaging of nanobiomaterials: Thioflavin T in electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol) fibres
  • Superplastic deformation of solid wood by slipping cells at sub-micrometer intercellular layers
  • Development of a low cost roll-to-roll nanoimprint lithography system for patterning 8-inch wide flexible substrates
  • Characterisation of potassium bromide loaded with dysprosium fluoride nanocrystals for neutron detection
  • On the nanoscaled defects of 3C-SiC
  • Characterisation of embedded nano-precipitates by X-ray diffraction imaging and small-angle X-ray scattering
  • Epoxy/zinc oxide + cerium oxide nanocomposites: effect of UV-exposure on the mechanical properties and appearance
  • Solvothermal synthesis of nano-CeO2 and degradation of dye in indoor lighting
  • Rotating angled plate diffusing wave spectroscopy
  • Application of nanocrystalline metal oxide gas sensors for air quality monitoring
  • Metallic surface doping of SiOx nanowires
  • PyTrA: ultra-fast transient absorption data analysis software
  • Super-resolution optical imaging of binary colloidal assemblies
  • Growth of nano-wrinkles on photoresist-derived carbon microelectrode array
  • Electrospun substituted polyphenylene vinylene nanofibres
  • Polymer brushes for improvement of dry adhesion in biomimetic dry adhesives
  • Studies towards a switch-off optical DNA sensor based on poly(p-phenylenevinylene) grafted magnetic beads
  • New applications of beam-plasma systems for the materials production
  • Self-organisation of regular dusty structures in plasma trap
  • Non-covalent surface integration: optimising a novel technique for preparing targeted polymeric nanoparticles for cancer therapeutics
  • Photocatalytic H2 production from ethanol over Au/TiO2 and Ag/TiO2
  • Performance evaluation of Pd/TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 photocatalysts for hydrogen production from ethanol-water mixtures
  • Integrated flexible parylene-based inductor with magnetic core for wireless power transmission system
  • Spectroscopic analysis of boron porphyrin complexes

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