22 April 2014

Special issue published: "Advances in Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting"

International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication 5(2/3) 2014
  • Efficient implementation of Sobel edge detection algorithm on CPU, GPU and FPGA
  • Virtual reality contents based on X3D and HTML5 Canvas
  • Enhancing emotion using an emotion model
  • Increasing learning effect by tag cloud interface with annotation similarity
  • Temporal pattern recognition based interactive video-on-demand streaming technique
  • Development of smart user interface platform of industrial equipment using Shader effects and filters
  • A review on variability mechanisms for product lines
  • Semantic indexing of multimedia content using textual and visual information
  • Video transcoding technique using tree-based multi-level block partitioning in OFDM network
  • A novel technique for JPEG image steganography and its performance evaluation
  • Secure data management scheme in the cloud data center
  • Robust background modelling using region-based codebooks

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