12 July 2012

Special issue: Novel decentralised processing and organisation in gridsInternational Journal of Grid and Utility Computing

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 3(2/3) 2012
  • Multi-layer security analysis and experimentation of high speed protocol data transfer for GRID
  • Gustav: CPU accounting for small-sized grid infrastructures
  • A CUDA programming toolkit on grids
  • OXDP & OXiP: the notion of objects for efficient large XML data queries
  • Simple dynamic load balancing mechanism for structured P2P network and its evaluation
  • Dynamic reallocation rules on multi-server web-based MORPG system
  • GAUR: a method to detect Sybil groups in peer-to-peer overlays
  • Allocating replicas in large-scale data grids using a QoS-aware distributed technique with workload constraints
  • PPPDM - a privacy-preserving platform for data mashup
  • P2P video-on-demand streaming using caching and reservation scheme based on video popularity
  • A framework for interest-based community evolution and sharing of latent knowledge

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