18 July 2012

Call for papers: Entrepreneurship and its Socio-cultural Contexts

A special issue of Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development

The literature acknowledges that context is important for understanding when, how and why entrepreneurship happens and who becomes involved. Since entrepreneurship is about people, it is conditioned by the socio-cultural background of the entrepreneurs as well the socio-cultural contexts in which they do their business. On the other hand, as an economic activity, entrepreneurship can exert certain influence on socio-cultural changes. However, the link between entrepreneurship and its socio-cultural contexts is still under explored in the literature.

This special issue seeks to compile a collection of papers that can contribute to the development of an exciting new research agenda geared towards the assessment of the relationship between entrepreneurship and its socio-cultural contexts.

The issue welcomes research papers that offer valuable new insights or present new approaches to any of the above or related topics. Papers that are either conceptually or empirically-based, employ a range of methodological approaches and offer an international dimension with valuable cross-country/cross-sectoral comparisons are also encouraged. Case studies on any of the above topics may also be submitted.

Topics appropriate to this special issue include, but are not limited to the following:
  • The impact of culture versus location on entrepreneurial activities
  • The impact of entrepreneurship on socio-cultural changes
  • How enterprise-creation processes are shaped by the entrepreneur's socio-cultural background
  • Entrepreneurial orientation in different socio-cultural contexts
  • Socio-cultural influence on entrepreneurial propensity
  • Socio-cultural influence on international entrepreneurship
Important Dates
Expressions of interest in the form of an abstract by: 30 November, 2012
Deadline for submission of full manuscript: 28 February, 2013

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