9 July 2012

Special issue: Knowledge management and e-human resources practices for innovation

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 8(1/2) 2012
  • Fostering creativity through assessment and the use of IT: a feasibility study carried out in higher education
  • The influence of organisational learning culture on information system project team capabilities: an empirical study
  • An innovative ontology-driven system supporting personnel selection: the OntoHR case
  • Knowledge management for designing business workflows through semantic compositions of web services
  • Semantic people tagging and ontology maturing: an enterprise social media approach to competence management
  • Competence semantics: engineering and application
Additional Papers
  • The project-based company as an autopoietic knowledge system
  • Analysis of the design of effective learning activities using learning-type PDCA and CAPD cycles on the basis of the characteristics of individual students
  • What makes end-user training successful? A mixed method study of a business process management system implementation

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