9 July 2012

Call for papers: Marx and Marxism – Still Relevant After the Crisis?

A special issue of International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education

Global capitalism is in the grips of the worst recession in 60 years. Mainstream economics has failed to devise effective solutions, instead offering trite, banal and failed policies, which not only lack imagination, but are setting the stage for a future crisis. No wonder many people are re-examining Marx to understand the current crisis and chart a way forward.

This special issue invites papers on the relevance of Marx and Marxism in an age of pluralism and global crisis. Its objective is to investigate the usefulness of Marx in understanding the crisis and in charting a way forward.

Suitable themes include but are not limited to:
  •  Is Marxism still relevant?
  •  How should we read Capital in the 21 st century?
  •  How can we teach Marx to today’s students?
  •  Is Marxism consistent with pluralism?
  •  What is the Marxian Theory of Money and Finance?
  •  What are the obstacles to teaching Marx?
  •  Is Marxian value theory analytically useful in explaining the current crisis?
  •  Who was Marx and what were his values?
  •  Is Marxian value theory analytically useful in explaining the current crisis?
  •  How can we use the insights of Marxism to help chart a path forward after the crisis?
  •  How can Marxism more sharply elucidate the weaknesses of mainstream economics?
  •  Marxism and the critique of contemporary capitalism.
  •  What could we learn from a Marxian Freakonomics?
  •  What aspects of Marxism can help build a pluralist economics?
  •  Can meaningful synergy be attained between Marxist economics and other branches of heterodox economics?
  •  Is Marxism consistent compatible with ecological sustainability?
  •  Marx versus Sraffa: still relevant?
  •  Should students learn marginal distribution theory or the labour theory of value? Or both?
  •  How receptive is Marx in different parts of the world?
  •  Are there cherished icons within Marxism that should be re-examined?
Important Dates
Deadline for abstracts: 1 November, 2012
Decisions announced: 1 December, 2012
Deadline for full papers: 1 May, 2013
Referees' reports sent by: 1 July, 2013
Final version of full papers due by: 15 August, 2013

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