15 August 2010

Special issue: Power-efficient, high performance general purpose and application specific computing architectures

International Journal of High Performance Systems Architecture 2(3/4) 2010
  • Energy efficient mapping and voltage islanding for regular NoC under design constraints
  • A synergetic operating unit on NoC layer for CMP system
  • Parallel processing for block ciphers on a fault tolerant networked processor array
  • Network interface design based on mutual interface definition
  • NCXplore: a design space exploration framework of temporal encoding for on-chip serial interconnects
  • A fast MPI-based parallel framework for cycle-accurate HDL multi-parametric simulations
  • Instruction set extensions for the advanced encryption standard on a multithreaded software defined radio platform
  • Way adaptable D-NUCA caches
  • Replica victim caching to improve cache reliability against transient errors
  • A reliability model of energy-efficient parallel disk systems with data mirroring

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