15 August 2010

Call for papers: Emotion and Aesthetics: Organizational Space, Embodiment and Materiality

A special issue of International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion

Although much has been written on the topic of emotion and the management of the aesthetic dimension of work, the interface between the emotional and the aesthetic continues to remain relatively neglected in empirical and theoretical analyses of gender and organization. With this in mind, the intention of this special issue is to consider some of the conceptual, methodological, empirical and theoretical aspects of this interface and in doing so, to contribute to the development of a more in-depth and focused understanding of gender, aesthetics and emotion in a number of important areas, including organizational space, embodiment and materiality.

Suitable contributions include but are not limited to:
  • Conceptual aspects of the emotional and the aesthetic in organizations.
  • Theoretical perspectives on emotions and aesthetics.
  • Emotion in an aesthetic economy.
  • Service work, aesthetic and emotional labour.
  • Aesthetics, emotion and embodiment.
  • The ethics of aesthetic and emotional management.
  • Methodological aspects of emotion and aesthetics in organizational research.
  • Symbolic, discursive and semiotic dimensions of emotion and aesthetics at work.
  • Spatial and material aspects of gender, emotion and aesthetics.
  • Historical perspectives on emotion and aesthetics
Submission of papers: 31st December 2010

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