6 August 2010

Special issue: Artificial intelligence applied in machining

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials 8(1/2) 2010
  • Editorial: A brief overview of artificial intelligence applications in machining
  • A review of artificial intelligent approaches applied to part accuracy prediction
  • Development of a mathematical model for the prediction of chip formation instability and its verification by fuzzy logic with genetic algorithm
  • Neural network modelling of forces and indirect prediction of tool wear in turning of grey cast iron with ceramic tool
  • FNN based online monitoring of flank wear during turning of EN-31 steel
  • ANN based cutting tool condition monitoring system for high-speed turning operations
  • Application of neural network and evolutionary algorithm in operation sequencing using datum hierarchy trees
  • Prediction and comparison of thrust force and torque in drilling of natural fibre hybrid composite using regression and artificial neural network modelling
  • Investigation of optimal machining parameters for turning operation using intelligent techniques
  • Data mining approach for selection of plateau honing parameters with dual objectives
  • Intelligent process modelling using radial basis neural network
  • Modelling of cutting forces as a function of cutting parameters in milling process using regression analysis and artificial neural network
  • Intelligent selection of machining parameters in turning of Inconel-718 using multi objective optimisation coupled with MADM
  • Predictive modelling of surface roughness and kerf widths in abrasive water jet cutting of Kevlar composites using neural network

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