22 May 2008

Special issue: Validation and application of plants as biomonitors of atmospheric trace element deposition

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 32(4) 2008
  • Atmospheric dispersion of pollutants in Sado estuary (Portugal) using biomonitors
  • Study on air pollution in Beijing's major industrial areas using multielements in biomonitors and NAA techniques
  • Biomonitoring in the forest zone of Ghana: the primary results obtained using neutron activation analysis and lichens
  • Large-scale biomonitoring of trace element air pollution: local variance, data comparability and its relationships to human health
  • On the road from environmental biomonitoring to human health aspects: monitoring atmospheric heavy metal deposition by epiphytic/epigeic plants: present status and future needs
  • Use of mosses to study atmospheric deposition of trace elements: contributions from investigations in Norway
  • Sequestering of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions by using a lignocellulosic material
  • A new systematic technique for retrofit of water network
  • The investigation of compositional and structural characteristics of natural marine organic matter: a review

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