19 May 2008

Special issue: Economics of agricultural biotechnology – an overview

International Journal of Biotechnology 10(2/3) 2008
  • Bt-cotton and secondary pests
  • Bt-cotton and production risk: panel data estimates
  • Is genetically engineered technology a good alternative to pesticide use: the case of GE eggplant in India
  • The impact of using GM insect resistant maize in Europe since 1998
  • The economic impacts of second generation Bt cotton in West Africa: empirical evidence from Burkina Faso
  • Genetically modified crops, factor endowments, biased technological change, wages and poverty reduction
  • Biotechnology and biodiversity debates and policies in Africa
  • Impact of Bt cotton on farmer livelihoods in South Africa
  • Determinants of consumers' willingness to accept GM foods
  • A differentiated account of the role of trust in consumers' acceptance of genetically modified foods in Germany

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