6 May 2008

Special issue: Advances in intelligent systems for applied simulation and prototyping

International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications 5(1/2) 2008
  • A 3D Convex Hull algorithm for modelling medical data in a virtual environment
  • An intelligent systems framework for prototyping tactical driving decisions
  • Learning of fuzzy-behaviours using Particle Swarm Optimisation in behaviour-based mobile robot
  • Optimal Power Flow constrained by transient stability based on improved Particle Swarm Optimisation
  • A unified approach for design of indirect adaptive output-feedback fuzzy controller
  • On wavelet-based adaptive approach for gene comparison
  • Automating the processing of cDNA microarray images
  • Dynamic Ridge Polynomial Neural Networks for multi-step financial time-series prediction
  • Multiple fault disambiguations through parameter estimation: a bond graph model-based approach
  • Static and dynamic evaluation of Silicon-On-Insulator-based scanning micromirrors
  • An AI-based decision support system for designing Knowledge-Based Development strategies

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