6 May 2008

Special issue: Intelligent techniques to solve complex problems in logistics and supply chains

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 31(3/4) 2008
  • Simulation-based evolutionary multi-objective optimisation approach for integrated decision-making in supplier selection
  • Supply chain optimisation using evolutionary algorithms
  • An interactive particle swarm optimisation for selecting a product family and designing its supply chain
  • Development of an optimised transport logistics system for supporting distribution operations
  • Robust supplier set selection for changing product architectures
  • Solving the platform selection problem using an evolutionary algorithm
  • Alleviating the bullwhip effect in supply chain management using the multi-agent approach: an empirical study
  • Performance modelling of autonomous vehicle storage and retrieval systems using class-based storage policies
  • Fully dynamic epoch time synchronisation method for distributed supply chain simulation
  • Modelling PLC characteristics for resource allocation
Application of numerical methods to the modelling of transmission systems with hydrodynamic torque converter

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