4 May 2008

Special issue: Mesoscopic methods in engineering and science

Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal 8(1-4) 2008

Papers from the Third International Conference on Mesoscopic Methods in Engineering and Science (ICMMES - 2006) held in Hampton, Virginia, USA, on 24–28 July, 2006.
  • Analysis of lattice Boltzmann nodes initialisation in moving boundary problems
  • On lattice Boltzmann scheme, finite volumes and boundary conditions
  • Regular and multiscale expansions of a lattice Boltzmann method
  • Outflow boundary conditions for the lattice Boltzmann method
  • On numerical reflected waves in lattice Boltzmann schemes
  • Stability and multiscale analysis of an advective lattice Boltzmann scheme
  • Boundary conditions for Grad's 13 moment equations
  • Two routes from the Boltzmann equation to compressible flow of polyatomic gases
  • Modified gas-kinetic scheme for shock structures in argon
  • Efficiency oriented, hybrid approach for modelling deformable particles in three dimensions
  • A lattice Boltzmann framework for simulation of thrombogenesis
  • Lattice Boltzmann method for colloidal dispersions with phase change
  • Static and dynamic properties of a particle-based algorithm for non-ideal fluids and binary mixtures
  • A comparative study of immersed-boundary and interpolated bounce-back methods in LBE
  • A parallelisation concept for a multi-physics lattice Boltzmann prototype based on hierarchical grids
  • Introducing a parallel cache oblivious blocking approach for the lattice Boltzmann method
  • Preconditioned Navier-Stokes schemes from the generalised lattice Boltzmann equation
  • On the effect of surfactant adsorption and viscosity change on apparent slip in hydrophobic microchannels
  • Lattice Boltzmann simulation of mass transfer in thermally driven cavity flows
  • Lattice Boltzmann simulation of solute transport in heterogeneous porous media with conduits to estimate macroscopic continuous time random walk model parameters
  • A simple LBE wave runup model

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