12 May 2008

Special issue: Integrated sustainability assessment: concept, process and tools

International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development 3(1/2) 2008

The papers are intended to illustrate both the approach taken by the EC-funded Methods and Tools for Integrated Sustainability Assessment (MATISSE) project, and its initial results.
  • What roles are there for sustainability assessment in the policy process?
  • Integrated sustainability assessment of water systems: lessons from the Ebro River Basin
  • The role of modelling tools in Integrated Sustainability Assessment (ISA)
  • A Conceptual Framework for transition modelling
  • Integrated Sustainability Assessment of mobility transitions: simulating stakeholders' visions of and pathways to sustainable land-based mobility
  • Learning and evaluation in Integrated Sustainability Assessment
  • Some reflections on the conditions for favouring Integrated Sustainability Assessments

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