15 May 2008

Special issue: Advanced splitting techniques and their applications

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering 3(4) 2007

Includes papers from the special session ‘Advanced splitting techniques and their applications’ at the Fifth International Conference on Large-scale Scientific Computations (LSSC'05) held in Sozopol, Bulgaria in June 2005.
  • Analysis of a transport model applying operator splitting and semi-Lagrangian method
  • Iterative operator-splitting methods for linear problems
  • Wave analysis of different splitting methods in the linearised shallow water equations
  • New unconditionally stable numerical schemes for Maxwell's equations
  • Variational imbedding approach to coefficient identification in an elliptic partial differential equation
  • Lie group integrators with non-autonomous frozen vector fields
  • A multiunit ADI scheme for biharmonic equation with accelerated convergence
  • Testing the accuracy of a data assimilation algorithm

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