4 October 2019

Special issue published: "Sliding Mode Control and its Engineering Applications"

International Journal of Automation and Control 13(6) 2019

  • A memristor-based system with hidden hyperchaotic attractors, its circuit design, synchronisation via integral sliding mode control and an application to voice encryption
  • Adaptive terminal sliding mode control of high-order nonlinear systems
  • Chaos control of a four-dimensional fundamental power system using pole placement-based proportional integral sliding mode control
  • Hybrid Petri network super twisting sliding mode control of wind turbine for maximum power point tracking
  • Super-twisting algorithm-based integral sliding mode control with composite nonlinear feedback control for magnetic levitation system
Additional papers
  • Hybrid intelligent controller design for an unstable electromagnetic levitation system: a fuzzy interpolative controller approach
  • Encoder-less field-oriented control of permanent magnet synchronous motor by using a full order adaptive state observer

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