3 October 2019

Special issue published: "Cyber Manufacturing – Emerging Frontiers in Sensing, Modelling and Control"

International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing 8(4) 2019

  • Quality assurance in additive manufacturing of thermoplastic parts: predicting consolidation degree based on thermal profile
  • Data-driven calibration for infrared camera in additive manufacturing
  • Collaborative robot selection using analytical hierarchical process
  • Krill herd-based optimal neural network for analysing safety and quality performance at construction site
Additional papers
  • Experimental investigations on optimisation of parameters to produce W-TiC composites using powder metallurgy route
  • Analysis of mechanical and micro structural property of aluminium metal matrix (LM25) composite hybrid with nano silicon carbide and nano alumina as reinforcement particles
  • Effect of optimised cutting constraints by AlCrN/epoxy coated components on surface roughness in CNC milling

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