7 October 2019

Special issue published: "Novel Algorithms, Emergent Approaches and Applications for Distributed Computing"

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 10(6) 2019

  • Cognitive workload management on globally interoperable network of clouds
  • Towards autonomous creation of service chains on cloud markets
  • Cache replication for information-centric networks through programmable networks
  • Improving the MXFT scheduling algorithm for a cloud computing context
  • Model-based deployment of secure multi-cloud applications
Additional papers
  • Resource auto-scaling for SQL-like queries in the cloud based on parallel reinforcement learning
  • Data analysis of CSI 800 industry index by using factor analysis model
  • Don't lose the point, check it: Is your cloud application using the right strategy?
  • A cloud-based approach to dynamically manage service contracts for local public transportation
  • Towards to virtual infrastructure allocation on multiple IaaS providers with survivability and reliability requirements

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