28 October 2019

Special issue published: "Information Processing and Control Technologies"

International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology 61(4) 2019

  • Rapid freshness prediction of crab based on a portable electronic nose system
  • Low-frequency structure-borne noise refinement based on rigid-flexible coupling model of powertrain mounting system
  • Analysis of an approach to reducing drops of secondary user on primary user emulation attack
  • Broad learning system for human activity recognition using sensor data
  • An adaptive multi-threshold segmentation algorithm for complex images under unstable imaging environment
  • Multiple cell tracking by generalised labelled multi-Bernoulli filter
  • Multi-threading parallel reinforcement learning
  • A new topology and power control of grid-connected photovoltaic array
  • A model for target acquisition and edge detection under complex scenes
  • Development of shipbuilding safety information monitoring and management system
  • Automatic selection of lexical features for detecting Alzheimer's disease using bag-of-words model and genetic algorithm
  • An operation sequence-based temporal multilayer networks model for production process in flexible manufacturing systems
  • Crowd counting via scale-adaptive convolutional neural network in extremely dense crowd images
  • Design of a new type of float flowmeter and remote monitoring system based on ARM microcontroller
  • Research on robot location based on an improved method of map feature matching

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