16 October 2019

Special issue published: "Advanced Intelligence Paradigms in Machine Vision, Image Processing and Pattern Analysis"

International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms 14(1/2) 2019

  • Priority-based trimmed median filter for removal of high density salt and pepper noise
  • An efficient approach for handling degradation in character recognition
  • Pattern analysis and texture classification using finite state automata scheme
  • A novel method for super resolution image reconstruction
  • GLCM-based detection and classification of microaneurysm in diabetic retinopathy fundus images
  • Face recognition using combined binary particle swarm optimisation and hidden layer of artificial neural network
  • Iris recognition system based on a new combined feature extraction method
  • Enhanced method of using contourlet transform for medical image compression
  • Video-based assistive aid for blind people using object recognition in dissimilar frames
  • Brachiopods classification based on fusion of contour and region based descriptors
  • Identification of human activity pattern in controlled web environment: an adaptive framework

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