22 October 2019

Special issue published: "Big Data Innovation for Sustainable Intelligent Computing"

International Journal of Enterprise Network Management 10(3/4) 2019

  • Convergence of partial differential equation using fuzzy linear parabolic derivatives
  • A document similarity approach using grammatical linkages with graph databases
  • A customer-based supply chain network design
  • Proficient smart trash can management using internet of things and SDN architecture approach
  • Decision tree classification - N tier solution for preventing SQL injection attack on websites
  • P-tree oriented association rule mining of multiple data sources
  • Development of manufacturing - distribution plan considering quality cost
  • Chicken swarm optimisation based clustering of biomedical documents and health records to improve telemedicine applications
  • Inclusive strategic techno-economic framework to incorporate essential aspects of web mining for the perspective of business success
  • Effective transmission of critical parameters in heterogeneous wireless body area sensor networks
  • Extreme learning machine and K-means clustering for the improvement of link prediction in social networks using analytic hierarchy process
  • Smart city video surveillance using fog computing

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