7 October 2019

Special issue published: "Business and Economy in the Changing World"

International Journal of Economics and Business Research 18(3) 2019

  • The influence of intellectual capital on earnings management through real activities manipulation in Indonesian manufacturing companies
  • Attitudinal ambivalence towards green products: an empirical study in an emerging market
  • TVET teachers' perceptions on competencies: an application of Malaysian human resource development practitioners competency model
  • The roles of employee work well-being on innovative work behaviour mediated by organisational commitment
  • Creating innovative work behaviour: the roles of self efficacy, leader competency, and friendly workplace
  • Social media and financial institutions in the Indian context
  • Exploration of the need analysis for technopreneurship scientific learning models in higher vocational education
  • Digital transformation: a transformational performance-based conceptual model through co-creation strategy and business model innovation in the Industry 4.0 in Indonesia
  • Role of freight and forwarding company in facilitating the export-import process in Kelantan Malaysia

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