12 June 2018

Special issue published: "Teaching Inequality in an Age of Pluralism"

International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education 9(1/2) 2018
  • The dynamics of inequality in the human story: a brief sketch
  • Beyond left-right: teaching inequality with four ideological lenses
  • Behind the masks of total choice: teaching alienation in the age of inequality
  • Teaching health in an era of inequality
  • Challenges and pedagogies for teaching inequality in undergraduate development economics
  • Teaching about poverty and inequality: critical pedagogy and personal experience in the learner-centred classroom
  • Teaching to think: challenges and suitability of teaching inequality topics in a business school
  • What can teaching economists learn from poverty simulations run by nursing faculty?
  • Pass GO and collect $610: modified Monopoly for teaching inequality
  • Teaching wealth inequality in the Eurozone: an outline based on HFCS data
Teaching commons
  • What the fishing boats have in common: a classroom experiment
Additional papers
  • On pluralism and economics
  • Old habits die hard: or, why has economics not become an evolutionary science?

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