12 June 2018

Special issue published: "Challenges in Smart Reasoning Intelligent Systems"

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems 10(2) 2018
  • Clustering algorithm for wireless sensor network to improve the efficiency of acnode
  • Fuzzy neural network learning based on hierarchical agglomerative T-S fuzzy inference
  • Key data for cloud computing based on ensemble clustering approximate analysis
  • Design of unsupervised facial expression animation based on geometric grid measurement
  • Factor analysis model of the result of hospitalised patients with neurosis
  • Multi-criteria decision making method based on analytic hierarchy process with intuitionistic fuzzy preference information
  • MapReduce optimisation information query method for file management system
  • Dynamic path planning of mobile robot based on ant colony algorithm
  • Construction of evaluation system of sports talent training scheme based on data mining
  • Design of college students' physique monitoring and service platform based on computer and network
  • Decision making model of energy consumption based on multi uncertain factors
  • WSNs heterogeneous cluster routing based on distributed fuzzy logic inference
  • Facial feature extraction based on principal component analysis and class independent kernel sparse representation
  • An Arabic natural language interface for querying relational databases based on natural language processing and graph theory methods

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