28 June 2018

Special issue published: "Nanotechnology Based Devices and Nanostructures"

International Journal of Nanoparticles 10(1/2) 2018
  • GaAs SOI FinFET: impact of gate dielectric on electrical parameters and application as digital inverter
  • An insight into the high frequency analysis of work function modulated cylindrical surrounding gate MOSFET
  • Variation of optical bandwidth in defected ternary photonic crystal under different polarisation conditions
  • Adsorption of gaseous air pollutants over Ti-doped ZGNR structures: a DFT study
  • Effects of hot-carrier degradation on the low frequency noise in strained-Si p-MOSFETs
  • Study on surface plasmon-based improvement in absorption in plasmonic solar cell
  • An approach to various carriers' transmission properties and significant parameters in special semiconductor arrangement 'superlattice'
  • Staggered heterojunctions-based tunnel-FET for application as a label-free biosensor
  • Analysis of power consumption and delay of an inverter circuit using TMJLSRG MOSFET for the design of digital integrated circuit
  • Millimetre-wave and terahertz IMPATT sources: influence of inter-carrier interactions
  • Implementation of quadruple valued flip-flops using CMOS and spatial light modulator-based Savart plate

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