25 June 2018

Special issue published: "Exergetic Dimensions of Energy Systems"

International Journal of Exergy 26(1/2) 2018
  • Energy and exergy analyses of a solar air heater with wire mesh-covered absorber plate
  • Comparative energy and exergy studies of combined CO2 Brayton-organic Rankine cycle integrated with solar tower plant
  • Exergo-economic analysis of parabolic trough integrated cogeneration power plant
  • An experimental investigation of biodiesel-biogas dual-fuel engine based on energy and exergy analysis
  • Thermodynamic analysis of sensible thermal energy storage in water filled PET bottles
  • Second law analysis of wildfire evolution under wind and slope effect
  • One-dimensional exergy analysis of an unglazed low-cost PhotoVoltaic/Thermal solar collector
  • Increasing engine efficiency at part load with the exhaust valve control: a simplified modelling approach
  • Entropy generation analysis of multilayer PCM slabs integrated with fins
  • Natural rubber-nanodiamond films for the minimisation of losses in dielectric energy harvesters
  • Exergoeconomic optimisation of basic and regenerative triple-evaporator combined power and refrigeration cycles
  • Energetic and exergetic comparative analysis of advanced vapour compression cycles for cooling applications using alternative refrigerants

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