6 June 2018

Special issue published: "Smart Cities, Big Data and R&D"

International Journal of Economics and Business Research 15(4) 2018
  • Factors affecting ERP implementation success in Jordanian commercial banks sector
  • The use of data mining techniques in accounting and finance as a corporate strategic tool: an empirical investigation on banks operating in emerging economies
  • Big data: balancing between risks and opportunities - UAE perspective
  • ICT investments, human capital development and institutions in ECOWAS
  • Applicability of activity-based costing in the Jordanian hospitality industry
  • The degree of applying the electronic administration in Departments of Jordanian Educational Ministry
  • Entrepreneurship training and skills development in Africa: evidence from Koforidua Technical University, Ghana
  • Causality between economic growth and investment in the United Arab Emirates
  • A study of the interaction between exchange rates and stock market prices

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