9 May 2018

Special issue published: "Recent Progress in Clean Coal Research" [includes free OA article]

International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology 18(1/2) 2018
  • Geochemistry of Croatian superhigh-organic-sulphur Raša coal, imported low-S coal and bottom ash: their Se and trace metal fingerprints in seawater, clover, foliage and mushroom specimens [free full-text access]
  • Carbonate melt-based flue gas desulphurisation: material balance and economic advantage
  • Petrochemical evaluation and classification of coal deposits of Barka Sayal area, South Karanpura Coalfield and suggestion for its proper utilisation
  • Potential methanol-ethanol synthesis from Hungarian sub-bituminous coal via plasma gasification and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • The investigation on the removal mechanism of organic sulphur in coal under the external energy
  • A case study of the modification potential of using spiral separators in the circuit of the Alborz-Sharghi coal processing plant (Iran)
  • Insight into the molecular structure of Huolinguole lignite via supercritical methanolysis and ambient characterisation
  • Investigation of coal burst characteristics under impact loading
  • Study on the extraction of fulvic acid from lignite by microwave-assisted hydrogen peroxide
  • Gasification reactivity of high ash Indian coals in varying concentrations of CO2
  • Effect of prewetting time on different size fraction flotation performances of low rank coal
  • Structural determination of heteroatom-containing compounds in an anthracite coal
  • Analysis of the methane diffusion kinetics in tectonic coal under cyclic loading
  • Microcosmic thermal analysis of coal mixed with oxides at different temperatures
  • Study on the microwave effect on the physical and mechanical properties of coal

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