31 May 2018

Special issue published: "Big Data and Big Services for Internet-Based Enterprises"

International Journal of Internet Manufacturing and Services 5(2/3) 2018
  • The optimisation design of cooling water channel for calibrator based on Kriging and NSGA-II
  • Mining QoS benchmark of resource-service chain for collaborative tasks
  • Testing job characteristics model: empirical research on service-oriented organisations in China
  • Time-slot-based point of interest recommendation on location-based social network
  • Resource selection method based on service capability in cloud manufacturing
  • A compound operation method of model transformation rule based on OWL
  • Cloud manufacturing service evaluation based on modular neural network
  • Approach to manufacturing resource description based on metadata in cloud manufacturing
  • IEDPS: intelligent elderly disease prediction system
  • The design and implementation of data collection middleware for logistics traceability
  • User-based collaborative filtering algorithm fusing the local and global nearest neighbour
  • Research on humanoid head robot system based on interactive visual expression analysis
  • Predictive maintenance strategy of running fault based on ELM algorithm for power transformer
  • A process planning method based on firefly algorithm

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