1 May 2018

Special issue published: "Advances in Automotive Composites"

International Journal of Automotive Composites 3(2/3/4) 2018

  • Weight reduction through material changing in a commercial diesel engine: piston pin and connecting rod case studies
  • Optimisation of fibre-matrix interface in carbon fibre reinforced light metals via liquid phase impregnation coatings
  • Analysis and design of a crash attenuator for a lightweight racing car
  • Crush performance of foam filled tubular structures made of aluminium alloys at different loading conditions
  • Eco-solutions for automotive interior applications by way of thermoplastic biocomposites: cost, weight and green advancements
  • Understanding the contributions of surface morphology transitions and the phenomenon of thermoelastic instabilities on the torque output of a carbon/carbon multi-plate clutch during race-start conditions
  • Methodical design process for structural composites to achieve lightweight vehicles
  • Penetration impact behaviour of hot-compacted self-reinforced polyamide 6 composite laminates
  • Elasto-plastic response of graphene nanoplatelets reinforced polymer composite materials
  • Design of a composite crash box for a Formula Student team car: preliminary testing and model tuning
  • Evolution FP7 funded project: body structure design strategies using new composite and aluminium materials and enabled technologies
  • Function integration concept design applied on CFRP cross leaf spring suspension
  • A composite chassis for a formula student vehicle
  • An iterative approach for the determination of tailored blanks for waste-free composite forming by means of FE forming simulation
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of full scale impact test on fibre-reinforced plastic sandwich structure for automotive crashworthiness

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